Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The 2013 Buzz Korea Awards!

This is what I like about the Korea Tourism Organization. They know how to show their appreciation to those of us who help in their campaign to promote Seoul and Korea to the world.
                     ('Fradia' with my Hannam-dong neighborhood 
                  in the background across the Han River)
                                   (Early buzzers)
The 2013 Buzz Korea Awards is the first time buzz KOREA gathered the international bloggers and members (at least those who could make it to Seoul) together in one place to celebrate another year and to award members whose videos, blogs and K-spots garnered the most votes. The winners got a free tour of selected Korean tourist spots while on a six-day, free-accommodation visit to Korea.

                             (Psy welcoming everyone)

In 2011, I received a runner-up prize for my blog, The Occidental Tourist, which I wrote in the summer of that year. Over the years, I won a prize or two for this or for that. Early this year, I won an iPad Mini 

(The head of the Korea Tourism Organizaton's team handling buzz KOREA)
(The host of the awards, Ricky Kim)
(Dal Shabet)

So, tonight, amidst the fun and excitement of the awards ceremony held at Fradia, a floating restaurant and event place near Jamwon-dong in the Seocho District of Seoul, Dal Shabet and ZE:A, two of the more popular K-pop bands these days, performed exclusively for the buzz KOREA members. 

                                (Dal Shabet greeting the audience)
The awards night was hosted by Ricky Kim, who also helped give away special prizes like music CDs, a ZE:A jacket, an expensive-looking red backpack, and Yuna Kim's tiara and earrings, which she wore during a figure skating competition.

                             (ZE:A greeting their fans in the crowd)
And everyone went home with a bag full of skin care products. This was mine. Ha-ha-ha!
Thanks again, buzz KOREA, for the gifts. Until next year!

Here are the upbeat performances of Dal-Shabet and ZE:A. ZE:A also sang this ballad.

Here are a few photos of the winners. Congratulations to them!


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  2. Wow! I just wished I met you at the awarding ceremony.. I am a Filipino also and one of the awardees.. :) Nice blog!