Sunday, 5 December 2010

"Autumn Leaves Are A Falling...."

Three months ago, I thought they fell because because it was already autumn.

But I was wrong.

But in October, they finally changed their colors and started to fall, prompting me to remember that nursery rhyme again I learned at grade school: "Autumn leaves are and yellow...and brown...autumn leaves are a-falling...see them fluttering down..."

Yes, I learned that nursery rhyme while I was in grade school in the Philippines, when, at that time, my classmates and I were bewildered why in autumn's name were we learning that rhyme when we obviously knew that no matter what happens, there wasn't going to be autumn in the the tropical country like the Philippines! Ha-ha-ha!  Perhaps, it was our teacher's dream to experience one someday. Perhaps.

But luckily for one of her students, he has been able to experience autumn here in Korea.  Its falling foliage, its cooler breezes and of course, its colors!

So for the past autumns, I have collected a few photographs which finally made me realize the words in that nursery rhyme.

And I would like to share these photographs with all my classmates who recited with me that day, and of course, to my teacher, whose name I could not recall today. (And I thought I have a very good memory. Ha-ha-ha!) And wherever she may be now, I wish she had experienced a real autumn herself...

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