Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Pinoy in Bacolod : The Cakes and The City!

Perhaps, one of the reasons why Bacolod City has the best cakes is the abundance of sugar! Ha-ha-ha! 

The province of Negros Occidental is the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines, and while growing up here, I had the best desserts -- from the home-made Brazo de Mercedes, chocolate cakes with custard fillings and Sans Rival, to the native moasi, suman latik, bayi-bayiotso-otso, kalamay-hati and my all time favorite, mazapan de leche! (I think those delicacies deserve a separate blog!).

And every time I come home, I always visit my favorite cake shops and bring a whole cake home! (And sometimes two! Ha-ha-ha!)

And this Christmas, the loyal customers (like me) of the most popular cake shops in Bacolod like Calea, Bob's, and Ann Co Pastries swarm the shops or pre-order (like I did!) their favorite cakes to bring home for noche buena desserts. I pre-ordered my Ann Co Sans Rival while I was still in Seoul as they always run out of this buttered wafer delight. And luckily, when I swung by Calea a few days before Christmas, there was one last chocolate cake available; they stopped accepting orders by mid-December.  The law of supply and demand also applies to cakes! Ha-ha-ha!

I am very happy I was able to enjoy these delightful pastries. I guess I have been a good boy this year to deserve my cakes...from Bacolod!


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  1. the pictures of the cake made my mouth water....our cakes are definitely worth it...compared to the lame cakes that we buy in korea...kkkkk