Friday, 17 December 2010

Just A Flight Away From Home: The Incheon International Airport

Every time I step into the Incheon International Airport to catch a flight to Manila, I feel like I'm almost home.  And tomorrow will be of the same feeling. Excitement!

But what makes it easy for me (and for the millions of other passengers) is how this airport makes the departing passenger feel comfortable while navigating hassle-free through check-in, the Immigration (the duty-free pick up in between!), up to the departure gate! And the same is true when I fly into South Korea!

The layout is impressive (much thought went into this I'm sure), and the service is very efficient. 

It is not crowded because it's huge, and the whole atmosphere of the building is very friendly. 

As a traveler, I appreciate the effort the airport management puts into the operations of the whole place, which has paid off year after year. It has been voted at the world's best airport since 2005! 

So, tomorrow afternoon, as I hop into the airport limousine bus (which should also be voted as the world's best bus! Ha-ha-ha!), I will look forward to stepping into the Incheon International Airport, ready to enjoy the experience of efficiency and smooth travel.

And when I get off the bus, I will just be a flight away from home...


  1. Welcome to see SK one of these days... followed you...