Monday, 24 January 2011

Dashing Through The Snow....

Christmas is over but singing that line from "Jingle Bells" is still okay when there's a lot of snow in the city!
My Sunday schedule yesterday was just to go to Itaewon to have brunch with a friend, then coffee, go home, then sleep, and sleep some more. In this sub-zero weather, who wants to spend the whole day outdoors?

So, I met up with a friend at a brunch place where we helped ourselves with calories and cholesterol, which were labelled as omelettes, bacons and sausages on the menu. And while we were busy with the task, we noticed it start to trickle outside. The snow. So, we immediately cleaned our plates and decided to move to a cafe. 

And as we navigated Itaewon's main street, flurries started to fall. And half an hour later, as we chatted at the cafe watching over the main intersection, those cotton-light and cotton-like fluffs falling from the skies got thicker, a snowy scene which looked amusing from where we sat, but definitely causing some annoyance on the people below, trying to cover themselves from the icy onslaught.
And just minutes later, the sidewalks became white, and the roads a little wet from the melted snow.
As we were enjoying our hot cups of Colombian coffee, entertaining ourselves with the view, the ajussis down the street started to shovel off the snow clearing their side of the sidewalk so as not to disrupt their business, definitely not part of the day's original routine.
We then realized that the snow fall wasn't getting funny and amusing anymore. So we decided to call it a weekend, and hurried home not wanting to be trapped in the thick snow and slippery sidewalks.
And when I finally reached Hannam-dong, that line from the Christmas jingle rang again in my mind as I made my way through the neighborhood, carefully treading, one step at a time, the whitened path now all covered with fresh slush.

"Dashing through the snow...."

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