Monday, 3 January 2011

A Pinoy At Home: A Cup of Hot Tablea Tsokolate and Ensaimadas!

They're a perfect pair:  tablea tsokolate and ensaimadas.

Tablea tsokolate is the native hot chocolate in the Philippines made from cacao grown locally. The Spanish colonizers introduced the enjoyment of this hot cup of delight during breakfast centuries ago.  And thanks to my Mom (and hundreds of years since), that enjoyment has reached my breakfast table! Ha-ha-ha!  

She patiently ground with a beater (batidor) that raw chocolate in tablet form (tablea) in hot milk in her copper pot, and just added little sugar. And tadah!  Tablea tsokolate
And then came the ensaimadas!

The Spanish colonizers also brought the recipe for these yummy ensaimadas (gotta love those colonizers!) into the Philippine archipelago. I remember my Mom baking her very own ensaimadas when I was little.  But now that she's tired of kneading dough, she'd rather enjoy the ensaimadas given by titas and friends.

And so, muchas gracias a colonizadores españoles, I enjoyed today a breakfast treat that has been enjoyed and loved by most Filipinos over the centuries.

Tablea tsokolate and ensaimadas!


  1. wow! kainggit naman!
    this post reminded me of my mom in laws disapproved grunts in Korean whenever i had coffe or hot choco drink and bread only for breakfast. she said she'll never understand me, that rice is still the best for breakfast and their "chas" should be the only drink available in our house before.. LOL
    i never heard of the tablea tsokolate until now. but i know from your post alone that it's very delicious. my grandparents would always go for either brewed or instant coffee.
    ensaymada... i wanted my mom to buy or bring me some when she came here butshe complained ang dami ko na daw bilin, hehe..

  2. The tablea tsokolate is available in big supermarkets in Manila, which you can always bring to Korea, along with your ensaimadas. And you can introduce these to your in-laws and Korean friends, who, I'm sure, will ask for more after...