Sunday, 23 January 2011

Of Korean Boy Bands and Their Pinoy Fans

I can't even remember the names of all these Korean boy and girl bands. They're too many!
From the very popular Super Junior, SHINee, Wonder Girls and Girls Generation, to Kara, 2Ne1, Miss A, and of course, the clock-named, 2AM and 2PM. I couldn't name all of them. As I said, they're too many. Ha-ha-ha!
And I guess, I can't name all their Pinoy fans (in thousands or millions?) as well!  So, I will just name two. 
Anna and Arianne.

Both in their teens and are in high school, Anna swoons over SHINee, while Arianne is in love with Super Junior. But even with their craze over the Korean boy bands, they still consider their studies as priority. (Their moms make sure of that!) Both girls are doing good at school. 
And their prize for being studious Korean boy band fans? Posters and music CDs of their favorite bands! Flown in direct from Seoul!
I was happy to reward them for their high grades. While these very young fans go ga-ga over these K-pop bands, they should always remember that school comes first. 
(Photo of Anna hiding behind her SHINee posters)

And while Anna and Arianne enjoy the big posters hanging on their bedroom walls, they also make sure homework is done before playing K-pop music.

These K-pop bands come and go. The hype and the craze will die down someday, and those SHINee and Super Junior posters will come off from the walls. So, their fans, like Anna and Arianne, should always be smart to always remember that education remains as priority. That, I'm a fan of.