Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Pinoy At Home: Fresh Mangoes and Kalamay-Hati!

Every time I fly back to Seoul, I usually bring 'dried mangoes' as presents to my Korean friends. Too bad, I could not bring in fresh mangoes, lest I want to be held up at the Incheon International Airport by the Korean Customs, as fresh produce is not allowed into Korea. But if you want to enjoy a fresh mango, it would cost you about KRW3,000 at a supermarket or at the Pinoy market at Hyehwa-dong in Seoul. 

But today, I got my fresh mangoes at home. Yellow, ripe, juicy and sweet -- my tropical fruit of choice! Ha-ha-ha!  

Sliced and ready to be enjoyed, the fresh mangoes sit there on my table, making me drool in anticipation of the moment when I actually lift my spoon to scoop its juicy pulp. Yummy!
And today, paired with my fresh mangoes, is a local delicacy 'kalamay hati', made of ground sticky rice mixed with sugar and coconut milk cooked to a gummy form, just sweet enough to be twirled in your mouth and is a snack on its own. Thanks to my mom who got it for me!
I will be back to Seoul soon, and may miss these sentimental favorites. So, I'm writing about them now, so in case I crave for them, I have a page where I can slice my mangoes and take a bite of my kalamat-hati. Ha-ha-ha!


  1. waaah!!! sooo delicious..
    my mom was able to bring in 2 kilos of yellow mangoes, hand carry pa... kaya very thankful sya sa PAL... now, she wants to bring home apples and persimmons with her... hehe..

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy them while they last!