Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Pinoy in Manila: Hopia!

Hopia is basically a Chinese delicacy, brought by Chinese immigrants into the Philippines. It's a small pastry filled with ground, sweetened beans.

Years ago, the most common flavors were red mung beans and wintermelon. But nowadays, hopia lovers (like me!)  also enjoy ube (purple yam, my favorite!) and pandan (an Asian plant with sweet flavor) hopia!
I usually get my fix of Eng Bee Tin hopia (the best!) from Chinatown in Manila, but this time, I didn't have time to run all the way to Chinatown. But I guess the hopia gods were listening to my prayers, my friend Remy happened to pass by Chinatown and got me...a lot!
So, thanks to Remy and those Chinese immigrants centuries ago. Today, I am enjoying my hopia which flew with me all the Seoul!

My apologies as I wasn't able to take a photo of the hopia on the plate. I couldn't restrain myself from eating it before I could take the photo. Ha-ha-ha!

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