Sunday, 21 August 2011

Garuso-Gil....At Night

And night, Garuso-gil gets even more interesting.

With all the shops turning on their lights, and everyone else turning up in their nocturnal mood, nobody is wearing pajamas! Ha-ha-ha!

And helping me capture the night lights of Garuso-gil was a photographer friend, Huck, who came all the way from Yeosu City, to walk this street at night for the first time.

And even under the lights, the shops and boutiques look even more expensive. Ha-ha-ha!

In this place, you won't see drunk people (or did I just miss them that night?) zigzagging on the sidewalk. Nor would you see puke (like the those on Hannam-dong sidewalks every now and then!). Ha-ha-ha!

But on a cool night, you would definitely see relaxed, better- dressed people, who came out to Garuso-gil for the same reason as everyone else. 

A dinner. A stroll. A cup of coffee. A shopping bag. A chat.

Or just a night out at Garuso-gil.

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