Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Loving The Samsung Galaxy SII!

When my Nokia N8 died on me last month, I thought of getting another smart phone, and I am happy I did!

I use that disappointing Nokia N8 for my Philippine cellphone number, and I was stuck with that phone! But for my Korean cellphone number, I thought of changing my unit from an old SKT unit to either an iPhone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy SII.
I polled friends, colleagues and read reviews, and I finally decided one night when I met up with two of my best Korean friends for dinner and drinks in the Gangnam area. And as the two have been using the two brands, I handled their phones and interviewed them on what they love or hate about their phones.

And I decided on the local brand.
I immediately looked for an SK Telecom shop in my neighborhood the next day and immediately switched my unit with the help of the clerk, who couldn't speak English. Until now, I could not recall as to how we were able to understand each other. Ha-ha-ha!
So, I am now a happy user of Samsung Galaxy SII with its useful apps, and very likable form, weight and  customizations. The only downside is... it drains the battery very fast! Probably because I use the internet endlessly.
My big question is...how could Nokia not have been any better? Both in technology and customer service? And I was really, really disappointed with the way Nokia Hong Kong's customer service handled my complaints. I'd rather they call that department customer disservice!
So, for now, while running the streets of Seoul, I am accompanied with my Samsung Galaxy SII doing things we all love to do all the time:  check emails, tweet and Facebook!


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  2. i really love that phone... =) but its a little expensive here in Phil cost about 28k ....how much is samsung galaxy SII in korea? i might buy the samsung galaxy ace about 13,500...a bit cheaper...na pwede na...hahaha kakatakot kasi mgadala ng ganyan dito eh ...might get snatch or something...=)

  3. According to the SKT clerk, outright purchase price is about KRW850,000, which is about US$780 based on average exchange rate these day. But got this on a 24-month plan, kaya it's not that heavy on the budget. And oo, medyo nakakakot if you carry a pricey cell diyan. It pays to be practical. :->