Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Seoul Station

Hosting the KTX lines and the the Korail Airport Railroad, the Seoul Station is always the busiest station in the city during the Chuseok exodus.

Chuseok, or the Korean thanksgiving holidays, is one of the two holidays where Koreans travel to the countryside to visit family and relatives. The other one is the lunar new year. 

And unless you're actually travelling, I'd rather you stay away from the highways or the Seoul Station. How I wanted to pass by Seoul Station during the chuseok, but I figured it must have been crowded. I just wanted to take photos of the travelers departing, arriving or waiting for their trains. And I was glad I didn't.
So I went on the second day, late in the afternoon, and as expected, there were fewer crowds and less luggage being trolleyed around.

The first and only time I rode a train at Seoul Station for an out-of-town trip was for the hallyu train ride. And this time, since I wasn't going anywhere, I just stayed on the platform and watched travelers hurry down and excitedly get into their train.

(Saying good-bye...)
And I thought I would see somebody wearing hanbok on his or her way to his to her hometown.
                                                       (The main area)

And like most trains, I didn't stay long at the station. But unlike them, I didn't have a schedule to keep. Ha-ha-ha! Those trains leave on time! 
                                             (A very tired traveler...)
                        (A musical entertainment at the Station)

In case you have to catch a train at Seoul Station during the holidays, make sure you get there on time. Otherwise, you may have to take the next fastest transport...
                              (Which one is faster?)

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  1. Looking at those photos I couldn't imagine how lucky I am to be away from Korea for a while. Great shots! Keep them coming!