Monday, 3 October 2011

The Gangnam Drive-Through

I haven't really seen a McDonald's drive-through here in Seoul. And if I do, perhaps I would see a traffic light between the order microphone and the window. Ha-ha-ha!

But today, I had a different drive-through: lots of cars and lots of traffic lights!

Hitching a ride with Maria and Joe on our way to a barbecue party in Seocho-gu, I waited for them in my Hannam-dong neigborhood as they crossed the Namsan Tunnel (which was so bad on a Saturday afternoon!) from Myeong-dong.

After they picked me up, we crossed my favorite Hannam Bridge and the drive-through began!  

Although Banpo Bridge is the world's longest fountain bridge with all its colors, Hannam Bridge is still my favorite because it's lighted green at night! My favorite color! And it's just a minute from my apartment! (Maybe I should get more shots of Hannam Bridge at night. My bridge is sort of under-rated. I need to promote it! Ha-ha-ha!)

Crossing the bridge, we were welcomed into Gangnam-gu (Gangnam district) and into the Sinsa-dong area by the traffic and the traffic lights in the southern part of Seoul.

But we were not in hurry. We knew people would be late arriving at the party, so we just sat back and enjoyed the fun chaos of Gangnam with all the pedestrians crossing, the sidewalk shops (which interested the shopper in Maria) and the taxis and cars edging the provincial buses along the way.

I always love this sight, although I know hordes and hordes of people along the sidewalk does not a happy walk make. Navigating one's way without bumping into anyone is a skill, especially ifyou're the phone Facebook-ing, while walking! Ha-ha-ha!

 But people-watching (and traffic-watching!) from the front seat of Joe's car is a different perspective from where I sat that afternoon. I usually people-watch from a coffee shop!

So, thanks to Joe and Maria for giving me a ride and letting me enjoy the Gangnam drive-through.
And for giving me a ride home that night, too!

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