Saturday, 22 October 2011

My Favorite K-Pop Song Of The Week: 2PM's "Hands Up!"

I think I heard it the first time inside a store, or was it in my gym?
Their tune was fast, dance-y and I could understand some English lyrics! 
That's why I like 2PM's Hands Up!

And when I met the members of 2PM, I told Taecyeon and another guy who looks like the younger brother of Rain (sorry, I don't know all their names!) that I like their Hands Up video. Well, almost all parts of the video. I didn't necessarily buy into the first seconds of the video showing one guy drinking on the first class seat of a plane, and the yacht scene. I found those scenes pretentious.
                         The autograph-signing table)

But when they entered the club and danced the night away, singing about drinking (which is very honest!), that was more appropriate.

I wasn't able to take good photographs of the group as the people manning the line didn't want those in line, consisting of fans, tourists, bloggers, to take photos, which I found silly, because after all, there were hordes of photographers on the front line just clicking away. I asked the lady, who introduced herself as one of the ibuzzkorea staff after I was kicked out of the so-called 'media line', why was that, and she said that those in the front line were the media and I was just, well, an ordinary blogger.  
I reminded her that the reason why they invited me in the first place was they needed the help of the bloggers and fans to help ibuzzkorea spread the word around. She wasn't able to respond. 

Oh well, if ibuzzkorea and the Korea Tourism Organization need the help of the fans and bloggers in promoting tourism in Korea, they should be able to think from the standpoint of, well, away from their desk and computers. In my case, I do this blog as a hobby. I write things about my life in Korea. And if somebody asks for my help (like ibuzzkorea), I am willing to do so. But I hope they should realize that they're asking me for my time, which they should not waste. 

I hope the ibuzzkorea people are reading this.
                              (Nikhun wasn't there at the presentation)
 Going back to 2PM.

I will continue to keep listening to their Hands Up album, which was one of the giveaways that morning at the cinema. And perhaps, I will be able to find another good dance-y song which should be played in my gym.
Hands up to Hands Up

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