Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My K-Pop Song Of The Week...Or The One Making Me Run Some More In The Gym

As I was playing the 2PM and Miss A CDs given to me last week at the An-Nyeong interactive movie launch, I came up with an idea.

Why don't I pick my favorite K-pop song of the week and write about it?

After all, it's always K-pop music being played in my gym every morning as I drag myself to ride four kilometers on the bike with my leg muscles still sleepy.

And every morning, it's either I get pumped up to ride the bike by the music, or just get irritated by it. 

There are three sets of K-pop songs:  the good ones, the bad ones, and the ones they play on the bus. Ha-ha-ha!

The goods one have great melodies, likable tempos and good vocals (or at least not out of tune!).  These ones were made by creative composers and a lot of thinking (and listening!) went into them while being produced in the studio. (I used to handle entertainment and recording companies. I know this stuff).

The bad ones are exactly the opposite: no creativity, they sound like an aria being sung underwater, and worst, the croaking of the frogs sounds better than the vocals. Ha-ha-ha! 

In my years of living in Seoul, there were catchy tunes which became big hits, and turned the singers into even bigger celebrities. Although the business model of the K-pop industry is to manufacture a boy or a girl band, have them sing a good song and feature them in a music video complete with flashy costumes and kinky dance moves (and later on earn more money from acting and endorsements), I always listen to the their music with my eyes closed. That way, I can always judge for myself if the song is good without having to see whether the singer or the singers look good in pink, blue or in five-inch heels! Ha-ha-ha!

Now, let me think about my favorite k-pop song this week as I ride my bike...

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