Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brad Pitt and Moneyball At The COEX In Seoul!

I had to rush to the COEX Mall after office! The movie premiere ticket to Brad Pitt's new movie, Moneyball, says the screening time is 7PM!

Luckily, Seoul's transport system is so efficient that one would hardly be late for an appointment (especially for a movie premiere!) as long as you study your route beforehand.

And since the COEX Mall in Gangnam-gu area has its own Samseong Station, it was convenient for me to just rush out of the train and run up to the Megabox Cinemas where a red carpet was laid out for the Brad Pitt.

I was worried since the movie was two hours long and I didn't have dinner yet, I'd go hungry in the middle of his film. So, my friend Alfa and I (I shared the extra ticket with her) bought sandwiches from Quiznos before we waded through hundreds of fans already waiting for him outside the cinema.

There was a stage set up for him in the middle of the Megabox area, where he would be able to pose for press photos and greet fans. But since we already had our tickets, we skipped that area, got to our seats and waited inside Cinema 3.
And although he was late (perhaps the traffic along his route from the other side of the river was bad on a Tuesday night), everyone seated patiently. After all, how often would you be able to see a Hollywood A-lister this side of the planet?

And around 7:20PM, we heard screaming from the outside, a sign that Brad Pitt was perhaps already on the red carpet making his way to the stage. We figured he would spend a few minutes there to greet and invite his fans to watch movie. And then....

....SCREAMS were then heard inside our Cinema 3!

The other half of the Brangelina supercouple was in the house!

He didn't take any questions though.  He only took a bunch of flowers from a fan, which was pre-arranged. (The flowers  must have cost her since it's autumn and most flowers are out of bloom)

He didn't stay long. He just greeted everyone 'an-nyeong haseyo' and told everyone to enjoy the film. He also said that  Angelina had nice words of her visit here last year; so, he decided to make the trip, too. Although it would have been nice if Angie tagged along as well.

And that was Mr. Brad Pitt, the young actor we all noticed at Thelma & Louise, and who we all thought would make it big someday. And he indeed made it big. With hits like Troy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ocean's ElevenInterview With The Vampire, and of course, my favorite, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he is a Hollywood superstar.

There was a reason why he had to fly to Seoul to promote the movie. Moneyball is about baseball, the sports which is huge in South Korea. It was so easy for his fans here to relate to the movie since almost everyone here is a baseball fan.  Moneyball is based on a true story. 

And Jonah Hill's performance as Brad's smart, chubby assistant, almost stole the show. And when Brad's daughter in the film, Kerris Dorsey, sang the acoustic song, 'The Show', it was a charming, lovable scene between a father and daughter. Moneyball is a charming film about baseball.

Go watch it.
A million thanks to Mr. Kim and Mr. M again for the premiere tickets! Now, I have seen both Angie and Brad in person! 

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