Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dressing Up Weird On Hallow's Eve

Halloween is not halloween if there are no costumes and merry-making! 

So we did just that! 

Lynn and Marshall graciously offered their home again to host our own halloween party on this side of Seoul, where ghouls and goblins never appeared. And instead, Dracula and his bride did! Ha-ha-ha!  By the way, they took the cab going to the party. I can just imagine the look on people's face if Dracula and his bride took the subway. Ha-ha-ha!
                                                     (Dracula and his bride)
                           (Ruth as Dracula's bride)

Everyone was game! Daryll and his family came in full force, even with our cute little mascot, Charlie, in his Buzz Lightyear get-up! 
                                        (Lady Gaga and The Reaper)

Me? Well, as I was able to borrow a military uniform from a good friend, I came as a soldier! With no guns, no bullets and of course, no war! Ha-ha-ha!

And what's a party without food? As usual, in every Pinoy party, there are lots of dishes and even more desserts!
       (Archie and Joy brought chicharon and yummy pastillas 
                            from Manila! Tenk yu!)
                                        (Lynn's halloween cassava cake!)

                                       (Maffe's nutty caramel brownies!)
                          (Hot, deep-fried turon!)
We didn't just plan to chat and eat; we also planned to have games and a contest as to who was wearing the best costume!

We didn't have to go to Itaewon, where you have to spend lots of moolah for your drinks just to attend a halloween party (and where most people don't actually dress up for halloween).  

                           (Daryll in his Sister Act! They took a cab to the party, and the cab driver looked scared at his passengers)

                                   (Kainan na!)
Lynn and the ladies simply decorated her home, I came up with the games, friends cooked dishes and desserts, and everyone just showed up in his and her halloween attire!
(My dessert plate: turon, two brownies and that creamy pie)

And just because halloween is not yet that popular in Korea doesn't mean we can't have a halloween party.

                                           (A birthday cake for Charlie and Leila!)

And just because trick or treat-ing is not observed by the locals doesn't mean we can't treat ourselves to fun, food and dressing up weird on Hallow's Eve!

               (You don't have to go to Egypt to make a mummy)
So, how was your halloween party?


  1. hahaha that was fun ..=) specially your mummyfied friend hehe

  2. We wanted to 'recycle' the Charmin toilet paper. Sayang, eh. :-)