Monday, 14 November 2011

Got My Movie Premiere Tickets to See Brad Pitt's Moneyball!

As if seeing Angelina Jolie last year at her press conference and at her movie premiere of SALT wasn't enough for this big fan, here comes the other half of the Brangelina supercouple.

Yes, the Brad Pitt is in town!

And thanks again to Mr. Kim and Mr. M, I got me movie premiere tickets to Brad's Moneyball today!
I am sure it is a great film and I look forward to watching it along with his hundreds of fans in Seoul tonight!  Of course, I would also be super-happy if Angie has actually tagged along with Brad for this trip. She was there with him at the Tokyo premiere last week. Shouldn't she be at the Seoul premiere, too?

Oh well, I guess I will have to find out tonight.

See y'all at the premiere!

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