Saturday, 17 December 2011

Got The 2012 Starbucks Diary!

I didn't exactly plan to get this diary this year, until my niece, Priscila, asked me to. I just thought I wouldn't have the time (and the extra Korean won!) to visit Starbucks 17 times before I fly to Manila.
But it turned out, I didn't have the time all right. Time to relax, that is. I had a lot of work to finish before my vacation!
And every time I needed to work overtime to rush some work, I extended my work night at Starbucks in Itaewon, where I racked up some diary stickers over time.
And thanks to the friendly Starbucks crew who gave me extra stickers! I'm actually a 'suki' (regular customer) at Starbucks in Itaewon; I guess they wanted all their regular customers to get the 2012 diary.
And voila! Before I knew it, a week before I had to fly to Manila, I completed the 17 stickers!
(The 2012 Starbucks diary visited my neighborhood coffee shop, Cafe Mom, where the cafe mocha is definitely cheaper).

I was able to complete all my work before my vacation, I drank a lot of green tea latte and cafe mocha, and most important, my niece got her 2012 Starbucks diary.

Do you already have yours?

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