Saturday, 31 December 2011

Our 2011 Pinoy Christmas Party in Seoul!

And as I finally found my Christmas costume, it was time to... parteh!

And so, before everyone left Seoul, my friends and their families gathered in Seocho-gu in Seoul, at Lynn and Marshall's home all decked in our Christmas clown attires to celebrate Christmas in our own Seoul-slash-Pinoy way.

               (Joy's yummy turon straight from the pan!)
And with dishes and desserts like the very Pinoy turon (banana fritters wrapped in lumpia wrapper) and pancit bihon (glass noodles cooked with pork and veggies), to garlic shrimp, baked ham and other dishes, whose names I forget, but whose taste I can remember, the party was complete!

                     (Garlic shrimp and pancit lumpia!)
                             (Lynn's Christmas ham!)
                       (The clowns clowning while the circus 
                          ringmaster slices the ham.)
(The party was a lot more fun with everyone dressing up in               Christmassy-slash-circussy costumes!)
                       (Gift prizes for the games!)
                       (Goodies for our 'exchange gifts'!)
                 (The kids having fun exchanging gifts!)

                       (Exchanging Christmas gifts!)

The party was more fun since everyone arrived in their Christmassy get-up. With games, Pinoy and international cuisine, and gifts being exchanged, it was a celebration of the our friendships we made and strengthened during the passing year, and ending the year with thanksgiving and a prayer of hope that 2012 would bring in more blessings and fun for everyone in Seoul and in Korea, be they Pinoys, Koreans or any other nationality.

              (The Orchards in their impressive snowman 
                    and Christmas princesses attires!)

May all your Christmas celebrations be as fun!

From all of us, Merry Christmas!
(The class photo of the 2011 Christmas party in Seoul!)

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