Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ingat Sa Paputok! (Be Careful With The Firecrackers!)

Firecrackers are huge in the Philippines on new year's eve! Almost every street of any town, city and village will be noisy with the explosions of all types of firecrackers from the small ones to the huge ones which, when exploded, resemble the explosion of a real bomb. That's why most of the big ones have already been banned. 
(Rows of firecracker vendors at the Jaro Plaza in Iloilo City.)

So, it's very common to find at any market in the Philippines, vendors selling these firecrackers, pyrotechnics and other noise-making toys like decorated 'turotot' (homemade horns) for everyone to light up and use to greet the new year.

But some of the revelers may end up losing a finger (or a hand!) during the celebration as some are careless, drunk or just plain stupid in lighting up these mini-bombs.
(Firecrackers and pyrotechnics being sold at the market.)
And me? I just stick to watching the fireworks from my window at home and listen to the firecrackers exploding from all over.

Ingat sa paputok!  Be careful with those firecrackers!

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