Saturday, 31 December 2011

"Oh Holy Night...

....the stars are brightly shining..."

No, the night wasn't holy. It was freezing!  But yes, the twinkling lights of the giant Christmas tree and the decorations at Lotte Hotel and department store were all brightly shining!
(The Seoul Plaza from across the street).

                            (The giant Christmas tree.)

 It would have been an enjoyable walk for me from the Seoul Plaza all the way to the Lotte Department store had it not been that freezing!

                                           (The lights at Lotte Hotel.)

But with the temperature in the negatives, my right hand and my camera battery could not hold up to the very cold 'oh holy night' to take photos of the 'stars that were brightly shining'.

I only had a few more nights to spend in Seoul before I fly to the warmer temperatures of Manila. So, I had to rush to the Lotte Duty Free for the last-minute shopping for some pasalubong (presents) to bring back home.

                         (The wigwam-shaped Christmas tree at 
                        the Lotte Department store.)

                                                     (Inside the wigwam.)

And I just clicked, clicked and clicked some more, knowing that the next time I sing 'Oh Holy Night' would be in the Philippines, and I would be able to see under the tropical night sky the real stars that are indeed brightly shining.

                              (Tourists enjoying the Star Avenue alley.)

(The Christmas lights clinging on 
the department store's wall.)
  Indeed, it was a freezing night with all the twinkling lights shining.

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