Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What Time Does Myeong-Dong Sleep?

After having dinner at a pojang-macha, Seung-Ho and I had to  walk off our heavy tummies and continue our search of K-pop 2012 calendars to Myeong-dong.  

My friends in Manila wanted me to get them some calendars of their favorite K-pop stars, but not all of them were available in Namdaemun Market. We had to extend our search in Myeong-dong.

(The decorated fountain at Shinsegae Department Store)

So, even with the chilly temperatures (it was getting late!), we visited a few more K-pop souvenir shops in Myeong-dong. 

(The Shinsegae light display from the other side of the street)

And although we were unsuccessful in finding the desk calendar, we had fun walking through the shopping alleys of Myeong-dong, which seemed more alive at night than during the day, with all the tourists and street vendors being bathed and mesmerized with all the lights from the shops.

I haven't stayed really late in Myeong-dong to shop, dine or drink.  

But does anyone know what time Myeong-dong actually sleeps?

Here are the photos of Myeong-dong at night:

 (These Korean chestnuts are my favorite! Though quite expensive, only a small pouch for W2,000, they're crunchy and a little bit sweet.)
          (Not sure what Bae Young-Joon is selling here.)

                                    (A mascot greeting shoppers.)

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