Thursday, 29 November 2012

Looking for Jimi Hendrix In Myeongdong?

I just had to swing by Myeongdong tonight in search for some costumes in the coming weeks (although Halloween is over! Ha-ha-ha!).  That's the fun part of our parties in Seoul. Not being satisfied with just coming to parties in your pajamas (Ha-ha-ha!), everyone had to dress up depending on the theme.
We will have our Christmas party next month, but soon, a friend, who is a big fan of the late Jimi Hendrix, is celebrating his birthday, and we all have to be in a Jimi Hendrix look! Big afro hair and all! But where to find these things?
                      (Chestnuts roasting on an open...)

So, I wandered through the shops in Myeong-dong tonight wishing that somewhere Jimi Hendrix would show up on the display window with his 1960's get-up, complete with his electric guitar. But he wasn't there. All I saw was winter clothes! Ha-ha-ha!
So, while hundreds of tourists were lucky to find what they wanted to shop for under the bright lights of Myeong-dong even in this chilly weather, I left the place with no Jimi Hendrix.

Where can I find you, Jimi

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