Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween Party! Gangnam Style!

Taking a cue from Psy, we held our own Halloween party -- Gangnam Style! Or at least, we tried to!
      (These little Psys showing me how to do it right. Ha-ha-ha!)
                               (Ethan showing me how.)

Gathering again at Lynn and Marshall's home in the Gangnam area (appropriately!), nobody came in a scary costume like last year. Instead, everyone tried to dress up with masks and tried to feel Gangnam-ish.

And as expected, Psy's hit song was played and the kids danced along, showing off that Oppa-Gangnam Style galloping and all. 
      (The lads bringing on the Gangnam style dance moves!)
                           (And got chocolates for it!)

And of course, Lynn's kitchen was filling up with Pinoy cuisine like kare-kare, sinigang, pancit and ukoy. Plus lasagna made by Teresa and minced meat with mushroom in tomato sauce by Sara. I told Sara I want all those sliced, hard-boiled eggs which garnished her dish all to myself! Ha-ha-ha! And the desserts were all Pinoy: cassave cake, turon and fruit salad-Pinoy style!

And since in true Gangnam-style we couldn't play parlor games, everyone sat down in a circle and played a game which tested their memory: "I'm going to a Halloween party and I will bring..." game. Well, until only five winners with good memory were left!

And to end the night, we had a short despedida moment for a couple of friends, and awarded prizes for the guy and the lady who were dressed in the best Gangnam-style! 
               ("I'm going to a Halloween party and I will bring....")

I wonder when this Gangnam style mania will wear off. But if it does, we will have to think what will be next year's Halloween party like. 

Back to the scary and gory, perhaps?

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