Sunday, 18 November 2012

Big Burgers In Haebangchon, Coffee In Itaewon!

The last time I was in the Haebangchon area, near Itaewon, was when I stumbled upon Burger Mine, a restaurant which offers a burger buffet. So, when my friend Woosung was in the Yongsan neighborhood for a seminar, another excuse to visit Haebangchon came up!
                  (The kimchi pots reflecting headlights on the road 
                           leading into Haebangchon)

Woosung told me he wanted to visit Itaewon as he hasn't been back to this area in years. So, I suggested we grab dinner first in Haebangchon, then walk and burp our way to Itaewon. From Noksapyeong Station's Exit 2, we made our way to Haebangchon, passing by the kimchi pots on the road, and ended up at Jacoby's Burger, a restaurant which lets you 'style' your own burger from the choice of bread, how your burger is cooked, and to the garnishes you want on it.
                             (You write down your choices on a slip and 
                              turn it over to the kichen)
                        (Fries  bathed in cheese and then some)

I told him to brace himself himself for a huge meal. This wasn't exactly a McDonald's value meal. 

We ordered fries first, and it came in hot, cheesy and on a big platter. Then came our 'tailored' burgers, complete with all our choices: veggies, how our patty was cooked, what type of bread and everything else to make this dinner worth the trip!
                               (Woosung's choice)
           (My choice with mushroom topping and fried egg!)

This dinner was as interesting as walking back to this area. Haebangchon is home to a lot of foreigners in Seoul. I know a few friends who live here, actually. Some of them like this area as it's close to their workplace and the rent is reasonable. Some like to live here because most of their friends live here, too. It's close to Itaewon and this area has western-style restaurants and bars. There are quite a number of Pinoys living here.
                (The Seoul Tower as seen from Haebangchon)       

After dinner and chatting, it was time to walk it off! We headed down to Itaewon on foot, passing through more restaurants, bars and cafes patronized by the foreign community in Seoul. Yes, other foreigners living far from Haebangchon actually travel to this area for this.

     (The gingko trees turning yellow along the highway) 

It wasn't a long walk to Itaewon. We strolled our way back, went down the underpass and came out at the other side, and walked pass a few yellow gingko trees along the way. 

And when our path was going downhill from the overpass section overlooking the Noksapyeong Station junction, I told Woosung we were finally in Itaewon! I am not sure if he still remembered which part of Itaewon he visited years ago. I am sure this placed has changed a lot since his last visit.
                                                   (Itaewon night life!)

And before we ended up at the cafe overlooking the main intersection across the Hamilton Hotel, we walked at the back alleys full of more restaurants, bars and people. Even though this was a week night, Itaewon never fails to attract.
We were still burping from our huge burger dinner while sipping down our coffee. But at least we're settled and contented with the view from our seat, watching the crowd below also trying to enjoy a night out in Itaewon.

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