Friday, 21 December 2012

An Airport With A Poscard-Perfect View!

From the pre-departure area, that is!
I sit there waiting and eager to already board my flight for Manila, but also eager to sit longer and enjoy the view of the mountains, the haciendas of sugar canes and the blue skies over Negros Island. I have passed through other domestic airports in the Philippines, but I don't remember any other with a postcard view such as this. I only remember television sets entertaining those bored passengers waiting for their flights.

But this is no ordinary domestic airport. This is my airport. Ha-ha-ha! The airport which always welcomes me home!

The Bacolod-Silay Airport in Silay City replaced the Bacolod Airport as the Negros Province's domestic airport. Completed in 2007, it started operations in early 2008, and it welcomed me in September 2008! 

Since this was even closer to my home in Victorias City, I was happy the government had this airport built!  Before, flying out of the old Bacolod City airport was such a hassle. I always had to leave Victorias City early in the morning to make it to my mid-day flight to Manila. As the old airport was located on the southern end of Bacolod City, and I would be coming from the northern end, we had to traverse the whole city!

But this new airport in Silay City, which is just separated from my hometown by a municipality, is just about 20 minutes away during a sunny, fine weather. 

And today, as I leave Manila en route to the Negros Island, my plane will be taxing down the Bacolod-Silay Airport while being watched by the awaiting passengers seated at the pre-departure area, who must still be enjoying the view of the mountains and the fields of sugar canes while also waiting for their flight.
                               (Is this Mount Silay?)

And did I say it is also an international airport? 

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