Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Finding A Christmas Costume in Dongmyo Station!

It's the time of the year again when we hold our Christmas party in Seoul. And as tradition, we assign a theme to our parties to make them more fun!

Last Christmas, I was lucky to have been able to find a costume at Namdaemun Market. Last year's Christmas party theme was 'Cirque de Soleil'

But this year, our Christmas party hosts, Joy and Archie, suggested a new theme: 'Wear your Christmas carol'! Our costumes should be based on a Christmas carol. Well, there are easy ones, and there are hard ones. Either way, we all had to find costumes.

So, off I rushed to the Dongmyo Station, where, upon getting out at its Exit 6, I turned right at an alley and discovered  rows and rows of costume shops, Christmas decors and toy stores for kids! From wigs to swords, to headdresses to masks! I think this place is the best place in Seoul to find costumes! 

And I was right! Even if it was a Sunday, when some shops were closed, I was able to find myself what I wanted on the first store! For KRW10,000, I got me something for my costume! 

After that, I was curious to cross the other side of the street, at the corner of Exit 5 of Dongmyo Station, where another alley is full of shops selling second-hand items: from leather jackets, to bags, to shoes, to books and collectable items. This is like Seoul's version of 'ukay-ukay'.

I just wandered through the shops, which, surprisingly, was full of shoppers, who were looking for a good buy, too. I didn't have any intention to buy anything here, but when I stumbled upon a Korean lady selling some winter items, an idea came up! Lying on the freezing sidewalk was a neck-warmer! Perfect for my costume! 

I immediately asked her how much it was. KRW10,000 for a fur neck-warmer! (Sorry, PETA! It's just a costume.) I may not have any use for it after the Christmas party, but this second-hand item will just help me get into a Christmas party mood! She must have noticed her customer's fake Korean accent and his limited hangeul; she asked where I was from. Ha-ha-ha!

I would have wanted to walk further up and discover more of this place, but it was getting colder. So, off I rushed back to the Dongmyo Station with my Christmas costumes and an idea where to find things like those next time. 

So, what's your Christmas party theme?

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