Saturday, 15 December 2012

JK's Jimi Hendrix Party!

Leave it to the energetic Ruth to plan her hubby's 50th birthday party.  Jean Keijdener (or JK as he's known to everyone), the country manager of Somerset Palace Seoul, celebrated his 50th birthday party with a tribute to his favorite artist, Jimi Hendrix

Ruth has been planning for this party for months and she was able to actually pull it off by inviting everyone to come in their Jimi Hendrix costumes! 

Me? I had to google Jimi Hendrix's photographs first before I could think of something to wear for the party. Luckily, I was able to find an afro-wig, which was actually the signature look for the night. As long as you have one on, you're in a Jimi Hendrix costume!

According to Wikipedia, Jimi Hendrix 'was an American musician and singer-songwriter, and was widely considered to have been the greatest electric guitarist in the history of popular music'. He died at 27 in 1970.

And everyone came in with their retro looks circa 1960s and 1970s. Looking at the photographs, it was indeed a fun night when everyone dressed up in colorful attires. It was all about fun, and fun we all had!

But tonight, only JK had a toy electric guitar as part of his costume, which he had to lend to the other guys when it was time to pick who can best play an air guitar.

And since everyone came in a costume, the celebrant had to give away prizes for the best male and female Jimi Hendrix costumes! 

Well, my costume wasn't good enough to win, but I was lucky to go home with a prize for the name-that-tune game with my partner, Vangi. I guess listening to all sorts of music since I was a kid paid off tonight. Ha-ha-ha! Thanks, Ruth! The Somerset tumbler prize would help me keep warm as I wait for the bus during the very chilly winter mornings. 

I'm not exactly sure if the food lined up at the buffet table were Jimi Hendrix's favorites, but he would have enjoyed the turkey, roast pork, creamy lasagna and other dishes, not to mention trays of desserts!

Well, JK's birthday party actually didn't end when most of his friends left. A few friends, including me, stayed behind and ended up chatting and reminiscing JK's life and career, and exchanging stories over cake, wine and a few more drinks, this time at their home. I think it was about 1AM when we all went home. His 50th birthday was over and JK had officially started his 51st year!

With his closest friends in Seoul around him on his birthday, JK was very happy to reach a milestone in his life. And with such caring wife and two lovely daughters that even Jimi Hendrix would have envied, JK is one very lucky man.

Happy birthday again, JK!


  1. Al, great summary of what indeed has been a remarkable party! Thanks to the 'hostest with the mostest' all was planned and run as clockwork. Thank you Mrs. T. Much obliged also to all those who came and took part in the event (and dressed to the 'T').

    now that I have touched to 50 yard touchline; looking forward to the 2nd half...;-)

    1. Thanks, JK! We will all be around on your 100th Jimi Hendrix birthday party. By then, we will really need those afro-wigs and lots of wheelchairs. Ha-ha-ha!