Sunday, 16 December 2012

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping In Seoul!

It's the my last weekend in Seoul before I fly to the tropics, and I still have a few errands to do. Luckily, Myeong-dong, where I think I need to get my pasalubong (presents) from, is just a bus ride from Hannam-dong.

But once you step into Myeong-dong, all these shops will tempt you with their bright Christmas lights, decorations and 'SALE' posters! Fortunately, I don't fall for those. I already have my shopping list and I know exactly where to go. Ha-ha-ha!

I guess some shoppers, who get mesmerized with all these 'SALE' signs plastered with blinking lights, just go into the shops and surrender their plastics, as if under a hypnotic spell, at the check-out counter with a shopping bag full of their own presents and memories of Christmas shopping in Myeong-dong

But for me, it's always practical to head to the duty-free shops since I would be flying out of the country anyway. The things I need are all there, and they got a sale, too! I just would have to remember to pick up my shopping items at the Incheon International Airport before I get on my flight home on Wednesday!
So, if you want to get hypnotized and mesmerized, while winterized, you know where to go!

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