Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Loving The Tax-Free Shopping In Korea!

Every time I  fly home to the Philippines, I always try to remind myself to avail of the tax-refund benefits for the presents I need  buy. And this Global Blue Tax Free shopping service helps me save a few Korean won!

I tried it a few months back when I flew home during the summer time. And I was glad I availed of it! It was actually as easy as they said in their brochure; as easy as 1-2-3!

Here's how my tax-free experience went:

1. I bought a few items at a store in Myeong-dong, which has the Global Blue logo at their door. My purchase was above KRW30,000 and I was flying out of Korea within three months, which qualify me for the refund. After I paid, I then asked them for the Tax Free Form, which I then filled up. Filling up the form, by the way, requires your passport details. So, be sure you have it ready while shopping.
                                    (My stamped form)

2. At the Incheon International Airport, I went to the customs desk and had my Tax Free Form stamped after showing the items, my receipts and my passport. Since I was handcarrying the items, I went to the customs desk AFTER passing through the Immigration counter. This means I was already INSIDE the pre-departure area. This customs desk was close to Gate 28. But if you are putting the purchased items in your check-in luggage, I think you need to have these inspected BEFORE checking in your luggage.

3. Now, this is the best part: getting cash refund!
                                   (My cash refund!)

After I had my Tax Free Form stamped by the customs officer, I went to the Global Blue Customer Service counter where I surrendered my stamped form, and voila! The lady gave me my cash refund after inspecting my form and my passport!

And this weekend, as I go shopping for a few presents, I make sure I have my passport along with me. And maybe next time, I will write again about this happy tax-free shopping experience in Korea!
          (Picking up my other items from a duty-free shop)

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