Sunday, 9 December 2012

Silang Mga Mukhang Pera! (They Who Are Money-Faced!)

I am scheduled to fly home to the tropical islands I call home in less than two weeks. And 'Silang Mga Mukhang Pera', the title of a Nora Aunor-Rico J. Puno movie, came to mind when I was able to find my Philippines peso bills, which I will need to pay for my cab fare from the NAIA Terminal 3 to my hotel. I have to spend a night in Manila before I fly to the Silay-Bacolod Airport.
That movie title stuck to my mind as it actually describes anybody who's greedy for money, that he or she is called 'mukhang pera', or money-faced. Ha-ha-ha!
I think these peso bills would be enough for a cab ride, and they look crisp and the faces honorable. I had to look closer to read the names of faces on these new bills as I only recognize some of them. Cory and Ninoy Aquino are both smiling on the P500-peso bill. The other historical figures look so serious.
But when I arrive in Manila soon, recognizing their names may not be my priority. Knowing their denomination is. I think I have an idea of how much my cab fare would cost, although I am not sure if the cab driver would ask for a Christmas tip. Ha-ha-ha!
I may have to say good-bye to these faces and peso bills soon. And somebody else would own them. But think of it, we all have these bills in our wallets or purses. 

Does that mean we are all mukhang-pera in a way? Ha-ha-ha!

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