Monday, 17 August 2015

A Lazy, Long Weekend...

              (Traffic-less Itaewon!)

Most Seoulites were eager to travel to the provinces after the President declared Friday a holiday before the Liberation Day. It was a three-day weekend and most locals would want to wander to the neighboring provinces. And just like the effect of long weekends, the traffic going to and coming back to Seoul was always bad on the first and last days.

Since I have 'been there, done that', so to speak, I decided to stay put and spend the tail end of the summer in the neighborhood.

                    (Grand Hyatt Hotel's swimming pool)

At the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Namsan, kids, their parents, and couples were all at the poolside cooling themselves, perhaps for one last weekend before school starts. 

Kids could hardly contain their excitement around the pool, while adults were just busy laying under the sun and soaking it in before the cool months arrive.

        (That's The Terrace's green tea, mango,         strawberry and chocolate ice cream!)

                                       (My dessert plates!)

And at The Terrace of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, I was able to catch up with friends Marissa and Adrian, whom I haven't seen in five years. I had to temporarily forget my diet over the yummy array of choices The Terrace offered on their buffet table that day. (Thanks to Marissa and Adrian for the treat, and welcome back to Seoul!)

I figured the extra poundage I gained that day could just be burned off after an hour or two at the tennis courts. I don't count calories; I count blessings. Ha-ha-ha!
                (A room with a view: 
   Hannam-dong in the foreground and         the Gangnam buildings seen from afar)

So, how was your long weekend? The next long weekend will be during the chuseok holidays next month. With more holidays this time, perhaps I should try going farther than the boundaries of my neighborhood. Hmm... 

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