Sunday, 30 August 2015

Doraemon @ Yongsan Electronics Market

I guess it was appropriate to welcome the robotic cat right next to the electronics market of Seoul. The Yongsan Electronics Market in Seoul, Korea, is the central market for everything electronic - from smart phones to digital cameras, to computers and everything else that runs on electricity.
I actually saw these Doraemon mascots in front of Yongsan's I-Park Mall the night before. Even as the darkness was enveloping the area, people were still eager to take photos with the mascots. 
But it was a different story the day after. Under the hot noon-time sun, hundreds of people, most of them on their lunch break from nearby offices, flocked around the mascots and were busy smiling for selfies with Doraemon while they tummies were grumbling.
The mascots were installed to promote an expo to satisfy the Doraemon craze, and probably this weekend, hundreds more kids are flocking to the Yongsan Station to have their turn for selfies, too.

To get to IPark Mall, take the subway to Yongsan Station (Line 1), or get off at Sinyonsan Station (Line 4) and exit at Exit 3. Hopefully, the 100 cats will still be there.

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