Thursday, 23 December 2010

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Philippine Airlines flight...."

(Incheon Airport is the best for me!)

(The second to the last door I took before heading home. The plane's door was the last.)

After dragging my heavy luggage (and my frozen ass) out of my apartment in Hannam-dong, down the main street, into the tax cab (which brought me to the Itaewon airport bus stop) and into the airport bus (whew!), I was able to finally say I was half-way home, and on my way to fleeing the freezing temperatures of Seoul!

The most difficult part of traveling out of South Korea is not the hurried bus ride to the airport, nor the long wait at the check-in counter, but actually the trip from my apartment to the airport limousine bus stop!  

Why?  Because dragging my heavy luggage through my hilly neighborhood is back-breaking! Fortunately, a taxi cab always shows up when I need one, and most of the time, the cab drivers are very helpful when you need to load your luggage into their trunk.

And the day I left was lucky day indeed. A short wait for a cab, and even shorter wait for the bus. 

And my luck continued...

Checking in for my 8:30PM flight at the Philippine Airlines counter, I dragged my luggage for the last time, eager to take off my winter jacket and my weary look after. I then greeted the female staff a 'Merry Christmas' and in return, she gave me an early Christmas gift!  An upgrade to business class!  Perhaps, she thought of rewarding  this already tired traveller (and he hasn't even flown yet! Ha-ha-ha!) an early Christmas present! 

Santa Claus was not lost with his reindeer somewhere in the North Pole; she was right there at the 'J' counter of the Incheon International Airport giving away presents! Ha-ha-ha!

And after clearing the Korean Immigration, I went to search for Gate 112 with my Mabuhay boarding pass in hand, looking forward to dinner on board (I was hungry!) and to hear the in-flight announcement...

      (Even it's an airline meal, you should always              appreciate that you have food in front of you.)

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight PR 469 bound for Manila...."


  1. Enjoy your Christmas vacation, Fonzie! I'll be joining you for our Christmas my dreams. Give my regards to the gateau sans rival of Calea :)

  2. Thank you, Miss Ray! I wish you a wonderful Christmas as well.

    I was at Calea yesterday...and I almost missed out on their chocolate cake! Fortunately, there was one left.

    A Calea blog coming up...

  3. Hi how are you ... I really enjoyed reading your some blog posts ... Anyway. I think you are still in Korea aren't you? Do you know anyone who is living in Incheon cause I want to make some friends ~ If so please let me know^^ Have a nice day ~~ ^^;;

  4. so ur still in hannam dong? i've been to that super picey restaurant near the volvo shop.. they have good delis though.. but it's triple the price of what u wld get in the states..

    am looking for new peops to network with close to itaewon!

    1. Hi there! Yes, I still reside in Hannam-dong. Have you tried the other 'foreign supermarkets' like Haddon Supermarket in Oksu-dong, and the Foreign Supermarket in Itaewon? But my favorite is actually Costco, where I get my breakfasts. Costco gives me the cheapest price for my cereals.