Saturday, 3 December 2011

Finding A Christmas Party Costume in Namdaemun!

It's the time of the year again when the biggest holidays in the Philippines are celebrated -- Christmas!

But just because I am a three-hour-and-forty-minute plane ride away from Manila doesn't mean I am not going to have a Christmas party in Seoul!

My Pinoy friends and I have already decided not only on the place, date and time of our Christmas party. We also decided on the theme! It's 'Send in the Clowns'! Yes, Santa costumes are so cliche in the 21st century. He might as well retire together with all of his reindeer.

So I hurried off to the Namdaemun market during lunch in search of a the clowny stuff for my get-up. And I ended up in the alley where they sell Christmas decorations and stuff like the ones I used to frequent at Divisoria! (I miss the siksikan shopping at Divisoria in Manila.) :-(

I wasn't really going for the clown attire from head to foot. I'm leaving that to the Ringling Bros. I just wanted a red hair, clown nose and a Christmas shirt. I wasn't going to an actual circus. I was going to a party!

And I found it! I saw this small shop with the ajumma shopkeeper helping me find a Christmas apron and a funny eyewear. (Joy already told me she found me a clown nose already. Thanks, Joy!). Shopping done!

I had done my business and off I now rushed to the Lotte Food court in Myeong-dong!  And as I made my way through stalls and shops and eateries, I snapped these photos with my camera on my right hand, and my shopping bag on my left.

 (This shop is definitely for fans of Korean stars)
I arrived at the Namdaemun Station at 12 noon, searched and got my costume, then walked all the way to Myeong-dong, and I finally got my pasta take-out lunch at the Lotte Food Court at 12:33PM. I was impressed with myself! I walked really fast today! Or maybe I was just excited.

The Namdaemun market has a lot to sell: from bags, to food, to Korean idol stars' posters and of course, my clowny attire for a Christmas party. This is my Divisoria in Seoul.
 (Strawberries and that red fruit. Forgot its name. 
                             Those are not apples)
 ('Keran-pang' or egg bread. One whole boiled egg is inside this sweet treat! My favorite!)

(PETA people would squirm seeing these furry wares)
(The gold Christmas decors hanging on Shinsegae from the other side of the street)


  1. oh my gosh ang bilis ng heartbeat ko when i saw the KPOP shop waaaah jang geun suk and jung yong hwa is lalalove =) im sure yang shop na yan ang uubos ng pera ko hehe and i bet kulang ang 1 hour for me in that store hehe =)

  2. Ha-ha-ha! Make sure you ask for discounts when you shop at these stores. The shopkeepers always give discounts to charming customers. And some freebies, too.

  3. I saw the fur store last time! kakatakot nga if you wear them...baka batuhin kami! maybe we should have stayed longer in Seoul so we could see the Xmas merchandise...pero malamig na siguro?!?

  4. It's freezing these days with temperatures going to negative 2 last night. Wala namang siguro babato sa inyo if you wear fur in Korea. Hehe.

  5. Hi..I'm Korean.
    red fruit. its name 'suck-new'(석류)
    pomegranate :)

  6. Thanks, Snow White! I will try them next time. I hope they're not expensive.

  7. Your welcome. It taste sweet and sour. (average price : 2,000 won~4,000won)^^ Good night~