Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Super Heroes And Villains In A Seoul Halloween Party!

Last year, we let Psy influence our theme with a Gangnam Style Halloween party, and the year before that, everyone just came with whatever costume they wanted.

But this year, we decided on a theme of super heroes, villains and any loved or scary character from movies, and as expected the most popular comics characters came to the party!
(Dr. Doom with Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, Darth Maul from Star Wars, and Woody Pride from Toy Story)
 All kids had fun dressing up! Baby Jaden came as Skeletor and Baby Brady came as Superbaby, while Patrick came as Abraham Lincolm, the Vampire Hunter.
(Darth Maul and She-Devil)

Charlie came as the Darth Maul from Star Wars, while his mom came as She-Devil. Ethan and his Tita Joy partnered as Woody Pride and Jessie Pride from Toy Story, while Ethan's parents came in harlequin costumes.                                                                                                    

                           (Jessie photo-bombs Dr. Doom's selfie)
                                   (Batgirl and Batman)

And who didn't think that super heroes could go hungry, too? And to make sure everyone got fed, there were mostly Pinoy dishes like kare-kare, menudo and adobo on top of some macaroni salad. I could not name the other dishes, but maybe my tongue could! Ha-ha-ha! 

Although we prepared some games for the kids, they just preferred to do their traditional trick-or-treating, and dug and scavenged into the treasure chest of goodies and candies. Other than their sweet treats, each was awarded with gifts for dressing up. All of them went home with their trick-or-treat treasures and prizes! 
            (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter vs. Dr. Doom)
            (Woody Pride and Jessie Pride from Toy Story)
(One of the dishes is the popular kare-kare! I think there were                     menudo and adobo somewhere, too.)
Not to be outdone, the grown-ups played the 'super heroes' charade, and the four best dressed characters were awarded prizes. Jessie Pride and Batgirl won for the ladies, while Dr. Doom and Frankenstein won for the men.  

It has always been fun dressing up even for a night, especially for the kids. Halloween has alwasy been one of the days during the year when they can pretend to be some super hero, or someone else. And even during our annual Christmas party, we make sure they have fun by continuing the tradition.
So, from all the super heroes and villains in Seoul...


(P.S. Thanks to Joy and Archie for the first photo.)


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