Friday, 11 October 2013

The Banpo Park: Friends, Families, Fun, Food and Fountains!

I wonder why they call it autumn when I still perspire after walking to the bus stop in Hannam-dong from my home this week. The bus drivers no longer turn on the airconditioner in the bus and the breeze coming from an open window is not enough to cool me off. To me, it's still summer until I say so, which means, until the day I am forced to wear long pants during weekends. Ha-ha-ha!
              (Performers with their audience at Banpo Park)
I remember a couple of years ago, when everything was turning yellow, I was the only one wearing shorts in the bus as I made my way to Namsan to take photographs of the Gingko trees. Everyone else in the bus was wearing jackets and scarves, while I was wearing shorts and a Cheshire Cat grin. Who do you think was dressed for the wrong season? Ha-ha-ha!
               (Our spot under a tree with our pizza, soda 
                       and...well, most of our food is gone!)
So, before the temperatures really get cold at night, it's still a good idea to spend an afternoon or early evening around the Banpo Park with friends and family to relax, chat and watch the Banpo Fountain Bridge...wearing shorts! Ha-ha-ha!

And that's what we exactly did. 

My friends and I gathered one early evening at the Banpo Park, bringing fried chicken, drinks and pizza! We all had to eat first and enjoy the chat before it became dark when the colorful fountains of the Banpo Bridge were turned on.

And we were not alone, of course. There were a lot of people strolling, performing, biking or just sitting by the Han River bank awaiting the start of the fountains' performance. And although they didn't have pizza (like we did!), they all seemed to be enjoying the evening and their company as well. Others also were having their dinner by the river bank after calling for some food delivery service. These delivery guys were distributing flyers of the food menu and contact numbers should anyone start to get hungry while watching the fountain show. 
                (The very popular Banpo Fountain Bridge)
So, if you and your friends are heading there one of these cool evenings, do make sure you have pizza, fried chicken and soda with you. And if you're sensitive to the cold breezes, maybe a blanket will come in handy. But call the Korea Tourism Organization's hotline (02-1330) first to find out the exact time the fountains of the Banpo Fountain Bridge are turned on as the time varies between weeknights and weekends.
And while you're there, just remember all the 'F's of the night and you'll surely enjoy!  

Friends. Families, Fun. Food. Fountains. 

And Fizza?

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