Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Let The Sun Shine!

                     (Let the sun shine! Let the sun shine! 
                                   The sun shine in!)

I wasn't about to break out into that chorus from a Fifth Dimension song, Aquarius, now that the sun was out and the temperatures had gone warmer. I just hummed it and quietly got out of my apartment in Hannam-dong and followed the path towards the jogging path thankful that my walk along the Han River wouldn't be cloudy anymore.

During winter, it was difficult to get some sunlight on your face. It was very cold to stay outdoors when the sun was out, and when you could, you'd get frostbite along with Vitamin D. Ha-ha-ha! 

When I got to the jogging path along the Han River, everything looked bright and sunny this time. The river was no longer gray; it was blue. And so was the sky. With the a day as bright as this, staying outdoors to get some fresh air and lose a few calories is easier and more enjoyable.

                                                              (The Han River is blue)
                          (Cold benches no more)

Today, there were more joggers and bikers jogging, and everyone seemed to have been more energized. I guess the sun's energy was contagious. Even from 93 million miles away.

And during these spring weekends, as long as there's no threat of yellow dust from China, everyone else will be heading outdoors and spend time under the sun. Well, not after everyone has splashed a liter of sunblock on their faces, I guess, or has covered oneself from sunlight from head to toe. That is what baffles me. Why is it everyone in Korea afraid to get dark? During the walk, I observed a few women wearing a visor, long-sleeved shirts, long pants and a pair of gloves. Literally covered from head to foot. But isn't sunlight supposed to be good?

Oh, well. For me, I just wanted to bask under the sun and get a dose of free Vitamin D. After all, those pigeons resting near the Han River access seemed to be enjoying their day under the sun as well.

So this weekend, let the sun shine again!
                  (Even the pigeons love to stay out in the sun)

                          (Birds of a feather...bask together)

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