Saturday, 29 March 2014

Seoul Observes Earth Hour 2014!

March 29, 2014...Saturday...8:30PM...Seoul, South EARTH HOUR!

Yes, we, here in Seoul, are joining the rest of the world in observing Earth Hour to raise awareness about our only planet.

It will be lights off from 8:30PM to 9:30PM in government buildings, bridges, public spaces, malls, cafes and homes.


And to help raise awareness, these colorful umbrellas were hung over the Cheonggye Stream this week. Each umbrella has a message made by members of a Korean youth organization.

Luckily, I was able to pass by Cheonggye-cheon as umbrellas have all taken their spots up above the cool flowing waters of the stream, attracting office workers, students, tourists!

So, tonight, if you're home, let's join the world for an hour in raising awareness and conserving energy at 8:30PM. Let's turn off all the lights for 60 minutes. Just imagine the amount of energy we all can save for just an hour. And it may also help you save on your electric bill.

Although the world observes Earth Hour on a specific date, why don't we observe it every night by turning off any unwanted lights or home appliance?

       (Oops! He wasn't not done spelling out 'Earth Hour 60+'   yet when I passed by.)

After all, this is the only planet we have, and it's our responsibility that we do our individual share of preserving it for the generations that will follow us.

Environmental abuse, deforestation, irresponsible waste disposal, air pollution, water contamination and strip mining are just a few of ways we are killing our planet. Even if we are not environmentalists, it won't hurt if we think about the environment in the way we conduct our daily living.   

We can recycle, use the public transportation and not waste too much gasoline, dispose of garbage properly, join the tree-planting efforts of your local organizations, or even use thermals indoors and let the sun inside your home during winter so you can turn down the thermostat and use less gas.  And don't forget, we can also shorten our showers so we use less water.

We all can always help preserve our only planet.  Let's do our share. 

Let's join Earth Hour tonight. 


  1. Nice pictures. I also took the umbrella pictures over there.
    Your posting is always informative and encourages many people do something special action! :) Thank you. -Eva