Sunday, 23 October 2011

Meeting Miss A

I tried to google Miss A and 2PM before going to the An-Nyeong interactive movie presentation

I didn't know their individual names. I didn't know much about their origins either, except for their songs which are played once in a while on the restaurant, in the gym, or in some stores.

I even mistook the lyrics from a Miss A song as something else. Ha-ha-ha!

And although I think I am familiar with their face, I didn't know how to match the name with the face. So, when I finally had my turn for the autograph signing, I ended up asking their names. All four of them!
And when one girl said, "I'm Fei", I exclaimed, "Oh! You're Chinese!"  And she then asked me back, "Are you Chinese?" 

Of course, I said, "No, cheo-non peeleepeen saram inmnida. But my father is Chinese!" I couldn't remember how she reacted to that. Ha-ha-ha!
Oh, well. As I said in my previous blog, I wasn't able to take good photos of the girls due to the strict rules of the organizers, which I found rather silly. 

Too bad for the girls of Miss A, I could have taken good photos of their faces. Unlike the ones I took of the most beautiful face I have seen up close in Seoul....Angelina Jolie!

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