Thursday, 4 October 2012

Got My Korean F1 Grand Prix Tickets!

But the question to get there?

I received two free tickets to the 2012 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix, and I will have to decide which mode of transport I need to use in order to get to Yeongam in South Jeolla Province from Seoul.
Shall I take the plane? But I have to go to Gimpo Airport for that. And I don't even know if there will be flights to Muan Airport that would not be too early or too late!

Shall I take the bus? But I have to sit and sit still for four hours! And that's just one way!

Shall I take the KTX? Hmmm...Maybe. As long as the tickets are not pricey!
So, thanks to the Tourist Information #1330 for the two free tickets, and the this dilemma on how to get there. Ha-ha-ha!

Or maybe, one of the F1 drivers heading to the Korea International Circuit can give me lift?

In case you're into fast cars, here is the Korean F1 website. If you're going, see you at the finish line!

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