Monday, 29 October 2012

The Seoul Square And Its Cool Hillside Garden

Before these autumn temperatures get to being winter temperatures, I had to enjoy lunch time outdoors while I could.

And spending lunch within a subway ride or a bus ride of my work place is usually a good idea during these cool autumn days.
So, I headed up to the Seoul Square, the basement arcade of the brick-colored building right across the Seoul Station. This arcade is full of restaurants, but today, my friend Dong-Eun, who works within the area, and I decided to grab lunch in that hamburger place.
               (Park Ji-Sung's goalless hamburger)

And when I saw the menu, I thought of tasting the Korean footballer's take on the hamburger. Let me check if he has a second career.
And how was his hamburger? Well, it tasted ordinary, no fireworks here. With just some funny sauce added, and the usual veggies thrown in, I say he'd rather stick to his football career. Ha-ha-ha!
And as tradition, after lunch, we grabbed coffee at the cafe upstairs and decided to walk to higher grounds, to the garden right behind the building.

At this time, all trees were still green. Only the cool breezes were autumn-ish. Maybe except winter, this place offers a quiet corner for office workers to chat, to smoke or to just forget about the stressful environment that lies within the buildings surrounding this garden. Even for just an hour.

                        (A church next to the garden)
I wonder who maintains this garden? Although Nam-san is just a few hundred meters up, it's rare to see lots of foliage and trees down here. This garden is hidden behind these buildings! 

A secret garden! Ha-ha-ha!

I had to take a lot of photos of these trees as I decided to return to this place when their colors turn red or orange within a week or two!

And when I return to Seoul Square for lunch next time, I'd suggest to Dong-Eun that we stick to Korean cuisine this time.

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