Saturday, 13 October 2012

It's Time For The Masskara Festival @ Philippines' Bacolod City!

At this time of the year, in Bacolod City in the Philippines, people put on their maskara (masks) and revel on the streets of the City of Smiles!

The last time I attended the Masskara Festival, I was really impressed with the colorful, creative masks worn by members of each competing barangay, bringing with them their upbeat choreography as they move along Bacolod City's main avenues for the streetdance competition. The festival revolves around competitions for mask and costume designs, choreography and concept.

How I wish I could visit my hometown again and revel with the crowds in enjoying the energy, the music and the colorful display of Masskara costumes and floats during the festival.

But if I could not fly home to Bacolod City for the festival, the festival comes to me! Ha-ha-ha!

Years back, during the Philippine Festival in Seoul, kababayans representing the Masskara Festival wore these authentic masks and costumes, especially flown in from the Philippines, to be worn and displayed for everyone to see at the Banpo Park that day. The team that represented the Masskara also had matching choreography and dancing so everyone could have a peek into what Bacolod's Masskara Festival is all about.

Of course, since I am an authentic Negrense, born in Bacolod City, I had to borrow a mask and wear it myself!

So, if you have time to fly to my city to revel at the festival, waste no time!

Here's the festival website:

By the way, I was able to visit the Negros Showroom during my vacation in Bacolod City, where the masks hanging on the display should give everyone an idea for the next Halloween party.

You can just wear one of these colorful masks and head to your party.

But if you're in the Philippines, you can just fly to Bacolod City and have fun at the Masskara Festival!

(I'm not sure if it was a woman who wrote the 'Mascarra' above. Whoever it was must have thought about what she put on her eyelashes, rather than what she could put on her whole face. Ha-ha-ha!)

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