Saturday, 13 October 2012

Finding Pasta At Itaewon's Rotolo

I just had to rush to Itaewon for a quick visit to my travel agent. But what I found were festively decorated streets, getting ready for the annual Itaewon Festival.

 Since I didn't exactly have time to count how many lanterns were there hanging above the sidewalk, I just figured, they would dwarf by the number of people that would gather in this neighborhood come festival dates.

And after dropping by the travel agency, I just had to grab a quick lunch in the corner before going back to work, and found this newly opened pasta and pizza place, Rotolo, right across the Hamilton Hotel.

 I walked in and asked the lady staff about its bestselling items in the menu. Since I wasn't in the mood for pizza, I ordered one of her recommendations: pasta bolognese. Since my mind was already on the idea of sprinting back to my office, my tummy, on the other hand, wanted me to take my time and savor what turned out to be savory dish, which was cooked and served on a hot skillet!
 And I liked it! Although the prices on their menu may not be your average lunch deals, I thought it wouldn't be hurtful to my budget if I tried this corner once in a while. 
 So, if I find myself hungry in Itaewon one of these lunch hours again, I now know where to head to. For both pasta or pizza, or maybe something more.

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