Monday, 15 October 2012

Blog Action Day: Power Of We

Fighting for a cause is never easy. But at least, it's not as difficult if you are not alone in the fight.

Today is Blog Action Day, and it's all about the 'Power of We', which to me, is simply People Power.

I was at EDSA revolution of 2001 in the Philippines, when the Filipino people successfully booted out then President Estrada from office due to  scandals, corruption and mistrust of his government. Along with thousands of angry citizens who displayed collective disgust, my friends and I walked to the center of it all - at Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. We were one; we were speaking in one voice, and our clamor for change was heard from EDSA and around the world.

It was the power of the people. The power of we, the people.

From the EDSA revolutions, to the Arab spring revolts, to the online and media crusades to stop human trafficking, to stop slavery, to crusades to educate the world about global warming, child labor, teenage pregnancies, illiteracy and poverty, we can always speak with a louder voice if we all come together to help.

There are still issues and problems that we all need to help solve, be it a global problem or an issue in our own backyard or neighbor-hood. But as we work and speak as one, we will always be heard by governments and by those whose attention we aim to get. And with hard work, cooperation and selfless dedication and generosity, we can always make this world a better place - one issue, one problem, one topic, one person at a time.
One does not need to join an international forum 'to make this world a better place'. One just needs to look around his village, his neighborhood, his town or city, and be an instrument of change. Because before these issues became global, in the beginning, they were all personal.

Let's all do our share. Together, we can do it.

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