Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Thank You For The Lunch, Rotolo!

And for the take-out salad, too!

Last week, when I visited the Rotolo restaurant in Itaewon for the first time, I noticed their blog contest details  at the the counter. Well, I wrote about (here), submitted it won!

Today, I went back to Rotolo in Itaewon, not just for lunch, but a free lunch - my prize!
This time, I tried its green seafood pasta, and love it! Served on a skillet, the pasta cooked with slices of squid, mussels, shrimp and garlic was an enjoyable delight for an autumn lunch break.

And since I won KRW20,000 worth of prizes, I had to take out the rest of my prize: green salad with four cheeses accompanied by balsamic dressing - which would serve as a healthy dinner tonight!
So, thank you to Rotolo for the prize!  This place is definitely another pasta, pizza and salad alternative available for those  in a hurry during lunch time... or any time!

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