Saturday, 20 October 2012

Have You Been to The Salcedo Community Market?

I used to hear the phrase 'farm-to-market roads' when these politicians promise this and that before elections. But if there aren't any 'farm-to-market roads', there's also 'farm-to-park' roads! 
                                                    (Plants and orchids!)
The Salcedo Park right in the middle of the Salcedo Village in Makati City turns into a market every Saturday, where you can buy your vegetables, meat products, fresh fruits and a lot more! It's a brilliant idea by the organizers of the Salcedo Community Market to bring the market right into the community!
                                        (Connie's Kitchen goodies!)
And one Saturday, before I flew back to Seoul, my friend Arlene and I walked from her residence in Salcedo Village to the market to meet up with other friends, Cielo, Itchay and Lucy.
                                         (I have to taste this next time. 
        My classmate Monica told me this is really good.)
                      (The market is also a meeting place!)

I used to work at Philamlife Tower years ago, and this area is  very familiar to me, and coming back here after a long time helped me discover the neighborhood (and the goodies in store!) again. They even sell plants and orchids!

                            (I got me dalandan juice! 
     A cold cup of Vitamin C on a hot morning in Makati!)

We roamed around the market, and especially stopped by the Connie's Kitchen stall, where Cielo and Itchay got me some jars as pabaon for my trip back to Seoul. 

There were so many goodies I would have wanted to taste, if only I had enough time. I needed to be at Terminal 3 by mid-afternoon, and we still had to rush to Cafe Mary Grace for our lunch (my lunch last lunch in Manila, actually).
         (I miss this dirty ice cream from Mamang Sorbetero!
                         (Wow! Fresh tropical fruits!)
On that Saturday, I was able to roam the market for just half an hour. Perhaps, on my next visit to the neighborhood, I would be able to spend more time and taste more goodies at the Salcedo Community Market.
This community market not only attracts shoppers living within Salcedo Village, but also people from neighboring villages and even other cities of Metro Manila. And that one Saturday, one even came from somewhere even farther.


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